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At prMEDIA REACH, we help our customers by building strategic opportunities to deliver top media coverage that helps you drive engagement and bottom-line results.



What does it take to break through the barriers holding your business back from massive scaling?

Whether you're an:

1) Amazon Business looking to expand marketplaces

2) E-commerce brand looking to gain more traffic,

3) Startup looking to establish product-market fit

The power and authority provided by earned media and expanded awareness is what will take you there.

Here's How We Can Help

A relevant and well-positioned brand is something everyone dreams of having. At prREACH, we know how to engage your target audience and to deliver the results that are aligned with your business growth goals.

Brand Strategy

Through one-on-one interaction, we uncover your business goals, mission, vision, and values to build a brand strategy customized to your needs.

Content Creation

We write professional Press Releases, Company Bios, Corporate Fact Sheet along with all the outreach matertial used to promote your brand.

Media Outreach

We research and generate a personalized media list, that includes trade publications and key media outlets, for our media outreach efforts.

Extensive Reporting

Extremely detailed interactive campaign reports that give you an overview of all our PR efforts for the month.


As you gain authority and exposure you will find:

  • Increased brand reputation, authority and perception 

  • You'll be able to charge higher prices due to increased

    perceived value

  • Expansion onto other platforms is much easier as you

    carry your brand weight with you

  • Increase in Lifetime Customer Value with a growing

    customer database.

  • Sales funnels are more effective

  • New product launches are more successful

  • Consistent inbound traffic and leads

  • High quality backlinks and domain authority for SEO

  • Consistently keep you on the top of the news cycle and relevant

Case Studies

Check out a few examples of clients who have used prMEDIA REACH to transform their business and retention strategy!

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Start your brand's journey today!

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